Sunday, June 14, 2015

June 8, 2015 Emma back in Neuquen, Argentina

Hola de Argentina! 
This week, or few days really, has been like 2 weeks long haha. BUT, I made it here safely after three days, lots of fog and some alone time in a hotel in Buenos Aires. I got to Neuquen finally on Saturday afternoon and went to get salmon (aprovechar while I could) with Presidente and Hermana Lovell and the APs. Then they dropped me off at my pension to meet my two new comps (yay trios!) I'm in Villa Ceferino, a barrio in Neuquen, so essentially the city, or part of it at least. It is cool, bigger than where I was before in Allen but so much is the same. It's kinda crazy haha to remember all of it again. My comps are Hermana Huisar from Tihuana Mexico (her ward is close to San Diego haha) so she speaks a lot more English than Hermana Cornejo. And, her grandma lives in Rockford, IL!!! Small world! Her parents speak some english too because they used to live in Chicago! She has visited Chicago many times and knows the Bean and stuff. She is super great. She understands more English than speaks but she wants to learn more. She is so sweet and like a mom, put my sheets on my bed the first night and everything! She will probably stay with me here, we think, (transfers are this Saturday bc Pres is leaving and so this one is only 4 weeks and the next one will be 10 weeks) so I hope we stay together here bc 10 weeks is a long time haha and I like her. She has only been here this transfer too and my other comp Hermana Florence from Ogden has already been here 2 transfers. Herman Huisar got here in January and Florence in April so we will be going home together in August 2016. We have the same time total in the mission! So, that's cool. But, we are all pretty new haha but with one native speaker, so that's super helpful. Herman Florence and I are probably about the same speaking Spanish. I feel like for the most part, I just need practice speaking...but so much has come back! Conjugations are still taking a little longer than they were when I left but I really don't feel much different than Hermana Florence so that's good. (My accent is better shhhhh but she is more fluid speaking and she is more used to the mission haha.- I'm very new again!)

Saturday was good, some funny moments walking around. It rained and was kinda cold yesterday and today. Stake conference was yesterday, and it was cool to be in a room with like 300 members!! The most I've seen in the mission. Some from far away but still 300! It was President Lovell's last stake conf here! And Hermana Farrow (from the MTC) is in my zone so i got to talk to her. It was amazing!!! She is so great and is training now for the first time and doing well. 

Also, I saw Hermana Bitton (with broken foot prob thing). She ended up not going home when I did, so she is also at like 9 months. She went to Allen right after me and she gave me a full report! Right after I left, Nicole got baptized whom I taugh just a little at the beginning of her learning and then later her sister in law that we knew well from gamilia echeguray and then her husband. Nicole's brother and now her mom almost too!!! So happy for them and Hermana Bitton told me I should know and feel like I did actually do something to help in that short time! Made me grateful! It was hard to not feel a little down at seeing them so far into their missions and totally used to things and the language and everything--- I'm not going to lie. But, it's ok and I know ill get there, trying not to focus on that. 

Yesterday afternoon we had lunch with Obispo, his wife and young son. They are like 30 something so that's cool and they are great. I did have a moment of internal panic when I realized how hard it is to mentally give of yourself all the time, doubting if I have the strength to be that person, who is so open and concerend every moment about others. It was daunting. But, my comps helped a lot after we talked and Hna Florence reminded me (of course) that that is normal and that she asked Pres for a blessing in interviews after her first week and that helped a ton. And interviews are this week, so i will! Pretty much my first and last with Pres Lovell, which was super saddening to realize! They really are something special here in Neuquen the bishop of our ward said.

We had a lesson last night where we had to drop an investigator. He has addiction issues and has been with missionaries for awhile but isn't changing really very much. So, he needs more desire. Everyone (besides me oops) was crying like crazy and my comps were really upset by it but it hit me all over again just how real and hard people lives are and this work too. It really changes lives.

I am comfortable in our pension and with walking so far and stuff. The first night, I couldn't sleep so Sunday was hard (haha) but last night was better. I got some stuff unpacked, so I feel less flustered. We are going to stay in from the rain this afternoon and watch 17 Milagros (finally I get to see it haha) and then we'll get ice cream with the family of our ward mission leader, Miguel. He is 19 and so great! It literally feels like going with another elder when we go teach with him like last night. He is preparing for a mission and will be SO great! Elder Myers is in my district and in my ward, hahhaha! I met him once before leaving and everyone jokes that we are siblings. And his dad's name is Mark and his comp is from BA. 

It's kind of weird being in a trio, but really nice for the beginning, because they know everyone already. Just like you said mom, I'm able to meet people, share my trestimony when I can, observe, listen and try to learn. It's a good thing I think!  

I love you and miss you guys so much!!!! I showed pics of you today to my comps! I am trying to be patient with myself. I'll try to send my voice recording from the hotel if I can! ha

Im so greatful for this gospel and to be here and for you guys! Sorry for typos! 

Besos y abrazos- 
Hermana Emma Myers

Saturday, October 25, 2014

October 24, 2014 Emma in the Neuquen Mission Home

Emma meeting her new companion

Emma and President and Sister Lovell

11 missionaries that arrived in Neuquen with Emma -- 2 elders and 9 sisters

new missionaries in Emma's group with their new trainer companions

Emma and companion
leaving mission home and heading off to first area

Saturday, October 18, 2014

October 11, 2014

A week full of highs and lows, but mostly highs :) 

Another BOMB tuesday devo: the Nielsons came (hes in the 70). Sister Nielson spoke on the significance of the pruning process we all go through as missionaries. as missionies we are pruned  and stripped of everything from our old life that made us "Us" just like a rose bush each year has to be pruned. Christ the vine is continually offering us grace and truth as a means of help. this is a process of growth. This helped me bc I know that as I become my "new" self or a disciple of Christ I will receive strength from the vine. 
Elder Nielson spoke on the lessons he wishes he had knowns in the MTC. Things that stood out to me:

  • Remember Christ's words as he was in agony and said "Nervertheless, not my will, but thine be done" we should follow this pattern in our deepest struggles
  • The atonement took the blood of the very best man that ever walked this Earth. we can do hard things, this life isn't meant to be easy. 
  • My companion is on my team; she can be my best friend and ally, she chose to come here too to work at the same purpose as me.... 
  • Heavens are open to everyone! Matthew 16: 13-16 . our job as missionaries is to help everyone feel a connection to heaven by always inviting. the words we should most often speak are "will you?" then they exercise faith and agency and feel God's love and their rite to personal revelation! 
  • Our efforts produce eternal results, the people we touch in turn thouch others and families are blessed and it just keeps going
  • Sometimes it's hard to know how to become? but Christ said. "do the things ye have seen me do" this helps me feel comforted bc in every single moment I don't have to worry here about hwat to do or what is most effective if I try my best to do as He would do to serve and lift others. We all have the opportunity to begin a process of becoming like Christ on this earth. 
  • Think less about yourself, then Hermana Myers will officially arrive. he said it's not about you, but if you make it not about you then in the end it's all about you, I liked this a lot. 
  • Reminds me of Bednar's conference talk for nonmembers. how when we are turning to Christ, we are also simultaneously turning outward and want, like Lehi wanted, for all those we know to taste of the fruit, this is why we want to share the gospel. we have expereinced and tasted as we have turned to Christ. 
Other thoughts from this week: 
  • covenants are important because they allow us to show love for God and bring us to repentance each day. they also are necessary so God can let us back in! help investigators see this beacuse convenants, like baptism are goals to reach for and provide purpose and perspective that they cannot see from the beginning like the missinoaries can. 
Scriptures I found myself using a lot this week in lessons: 
  • Alma 34:32 purpose of this life is to prepare to meet God
  • Moroni 7: 33-34 with faith we have the power to decide to go to church or baptism or anything really, our steps are laid out for us in verse 34. same as steps in missionary purpose statement... cool
  • 1 Tim 4:12 be an example of a believer! 
This week I had some low points too. It has finally hit that's it's not easy being a girl in a district with 4 elders. really for the most part they are actually very mature but Thursday was hard to focus with them and I wasted a lot of time being distracted and they were watching mormon messages and being goofy and I really wanted to work so hard this week bc we are almost leaving. I know they have a desire to work but it's just different. I was frsutrated that in the moment I didn't know how to be a  better leader and example amd allowed myself to get distracted too for too long before removing myself to go and try to study. they already jokingly tease me that I wil be a good mom one day bc I am disciplined and also they joke that I work too hard ha... for me it's funny bc It is actually harder for me here to be as focused as I was in high school even. it's just a different kind of studying and working. I don't want to be the bossy sister but at the same time I know I can be a good influence and taht we should be working harder at times for sure. they came in teh other room thursday nighat the end and apologized and shook my hands and promised that that was the last party until the end hah. it was sweet. sometimes it would be nive to have another female voice... but this week will be better and the high points of the week definitely drowned out the lows. I know I will be wanting elder time when I am with a drama queen companion in the field lol. 

Awesome investigator story: 
taught a TRC investigator named Marco (shoutout to Dad, bring you back to Buenos Aires a bit?) 
He is awesome, he was acting like a nonmember and we taught him a little each night. BUt last night it was our last lesson and he totally opened up when Elder Smith asked what we could pray for him? He broke down and described how his wife is a member but not strong and he wants her more than anything to love the Lord how he does because heh knows it will help her and their family so much. he was hurting a lot. and elder Osgood and I were able to relate well and he kept talking about how the temple was so important to him bc he knows that if we are obedient and love God more than anything than we will receive blessings. He has polio also and wasn't able to serve a full time mission like he wanted. I told him that he blessed our lives though and that God is aware of all the service he gives. He strengthened each of our testimonies. one thing I loved that he said "we each have the same power to receive revelation liek a prophet. He said when you speak it is you speaking but I hear 3 little prophets speaking" so neat to think about the power of our calling and how we have the ability in a sense like a prophet to bless, serve and direct. Towards the end, the Spirit was strong and Elder Smith felt prompted to ask him if he wanted a blessing for comfort. I got to witness Elder Osgood and SMith give Marco a blessing. Super cool experience. Elder Osgood said after that he felt the SPirit more strongly when he laid his hands on Marco's head than ever before. the words were simple but elder smith said that it happened like everyone says and he knew what to say and i knew that Marco needed to hear that. A strong testimony builder of the power of the priesthood. it is on this earth to bless and serve eveyone. 

I hope you have an amazing week. one pday left in the MTC, so crazy! I Love you all. thanks for your prayers and support and faith in me. 

almost in another country.... weird. 
Te Querido, 
Hermana Myers 

Saturday, October 4, 2014

October 4, 2014


Just got to main campus this morning for confernce. GUESS WHO I JUST RAN INTO??? DAVE!!!! 
I can't get my pictures to upload right now but we took pics and I will for sure send them later and you can pass them on to everybody!!! I looked for him forever on Tuesday and Sunday and then just got here and ran into him! So happy. He says korean is hard but he is doing well. He just learned all about the tsunami season and acid rain yay! 

So excited for conference. We will try to get online later this afternoon between sessions after lunch to finish our computer time and hopefully we can chat then so just please keep checking your emails! If it is too busy between sessions it will be right after afternoon session. 

This week flew by again. Great moments and hardest ones yet too I think. 
Sunday we had a devotional from Stephen B Allen. He did something really interesting and had the special musical number people perform their rendition of Joseph Smith's prayer 3 times no joke... they didn't know ahead of time and he just would talk a little then had them sing it again and before the third time he said to pray and ask God for a confirmation of the truth of the words. This is the unique message that we have to give to people. We need to know with conviction that Joseph smith saw God and Jesus and that the gospel of Jesus Christ is on the earth and he was a prophet. So I did. I said a quick prayer and asked to for a reconfirmation. It was an amazing thing. The first time and second time they re-sang the song we were all like what is this guy doing? These poor singers and such. It was odd, not going to lie. But then the third time I felt the Spirit so strongly. Like a shock in my body like 6 times throughout the song -- I got the chills without shuddering. It was a really neat experience that I won't soon forget.
Monday we got two new investigators. Maria and Adrian. They are both at TRC and so we don't know if they are members, less actives or investigators. Well, after this week I can surely say that they are not members, or else they are phenomenal actors. Their questions are amazing and crazy hard to answer and make us so motivated to find answers for them and to plan so hard. Maria was really hard to get to open up and she didn't reallly want to be there it felt like. She is from Venezuela studying english here at BYU and has Mormon roommates. In the first lesson we were brielfy talking about the Holy Ghost and how it brings feelings of peace. She brought up Nephi and Laban and how he was commanded to kill Laban and why would the Holy Ghost tell him that? She has read the first few parts of the BOM and we were like "ok, yeah that's like one expection haha that of course she brought up". We did our best to explain that it was a commandment from God and that the Holy Ghost tells us things from God. We got her to open up a little more though and she told us yesterday that she just doesn't feel like she needs to believe in the priesthood or the BOM because she is evangelical and believes that there are lots of prophets or inspired people on the earth. She has had a TON of great questions about the priesthood, the BOM and about miracles on the earth from people without the priesthood and we are really trying to just personalize the lessons to her so she can see the relevance. But, it's hard because we don't get through much of lesson because of all her great questions. But we have told her several times that we love her questions and will look for better answers and then get back to her. We bore strong testimonies last night and she said that she can see that we felt the power of God or the Spirit. It was pretty great that she said that and she too must have felt something. She is going to conference this morning in Salt Lake City with her roommates and I challenged her to write down 3 questions and ponder and pray and have a desire to listen and record thoughts and feelings so hopefully she does!!!! I have faith that her questions can be answered like mine were last April Conference, if she has the desire and intent. We need to do everything we can to strengthen her faith because she doesn't really have the kind of faith to act yet. She hasn't received an answer to her prayers yet because she doesn't have an intent to act if she does receive a confirmation. She doesn't really want to know if the BOM is true it seems. So we are praying for help with that. 

Adrian is our other investigator. He is a soccer player at BYU. His family is LDS in peru and his sister teaches spanish at BYU. He has already taken all the lessons and has lessons each day with 8 companionships but he said yesterday that some of them are pretty bad teachers. They can't speak Spanish well or just teach the pamphlet and then talk about it. He said he can read it on his own and that he has and he believes in a lot, but he wants to have discussions and his questions answered not just be "taught at". He said it's not just that they can't speak Spanish well, it's that they aren't listenitng to his questions. So that was great to find out because now we know how to better reach him. He had 3 amazing questions yesterday:
  1. Why does President Monson have 2 counselors and 12 apostles when Jesus only had 12 apostles and we claim that this is the same gospel and restored church? 
  2. Why did Joseph Smith receieve priesthood before he was baptized when that's not what we do today? 
  3. Why did the apostles of Christ not give the priesthood to others if they knew they were going to die? Why didn't they share their precious gift? 
The first two we sort of answered and said they were great questions and that we would find out more if he searched too (esp in conference for answers - he is also going with his sister.) The last question he asked I just went for and explained that the priesthood is only on the earth when there are peopple to listen and follow a prophet. Otherwise God takes it away and it's an Apostasy. The people were not prepared to listen and follow therefore, they could not have received the priesthood and hence they killed the Apostles. This is the same througout history and it's the way God works. Also they were not called by Christ to ordain anyone else bc God knew there needed to be an apostasy until the people were ready again. Adrian totally liked the answer and said "tenia sentido" or it makes sense. He thanked me and I felt awesome. I knew it wasn't all just me but I am glad that we could give him something so he trusts us. 
He told us at the end that he was grateful that I was able to explain it and that that is what he hopes to gain from our conversations. I told him I felt the same way and that every time I teach I want to learn something too. It's not just us teaching AT him but a discussion where we should all come away edified and strengthened. 

We said to both investigators that we don't know all the answers but we have faith that we can find some answers and that we can feel comfortable with the ones that we won't know in this life. Faith is KEY!!! Adrian said that he knows that the aspostle thing is being particular and that it isn't life shattering but his beef is that if this is Christ's church why isn't everything the same? This is really interesting to think about but for me it just comes down to God knows us in this time. The church is larger and we need certain things to be different.

I know God knows me. He knows my worries and how I always want to be prepared. I know that he is here for me and gave me these investigators so that I can feel prepared for the field where I know I will be asked these questions. He knows how we each learn. I am grateful for these challenging investigators. We are motivated to studfy harder and I def worked harder this week than last week.... It felt more like real missionary work. 

Had my week 4 one on one Spanish evaluation last night with a teacher. I was nervous beforehand but I got to talk to him for awhile about the lessons we had just taught in Spanish and that helped me feel more comfortable. I answered 4 teaching questions in Spanish and it went well. He listened and took notes and told me at the end "bien hecho" like 10 times (good work) so that helped my confidence. It is hard to tell if my Spanish is improving always but, he said I could go to the field and communicate right now and he was impressed I used subjunctive in week 4, so yay! 

More to come but here is the first (most of it) part. So stay tuned and please please try to be on later and I LOVE YOUUUUU! Talk to you later today after one of the conference sessions. 
Her. Myers

Hi again,

I have always got more to say!!! 

First off: nurf gun fight: yes it happened. Her albach;s mom sent  mini ones and we loved it, even if it only lasted 5 mins it was epic and made us laugh. already planning plot to ambush my elders, 

Tues devo: 
The schwitzers. fav quotes: 
  • always be someone that Jesus can count as a soldier as described in 2 Tim 2:3 
  • hard things help you to have less fear for later, (sis schwitzer) said that after hard things you can replace fear with faith and be able to testify boldy to your children when you are going throuhg future trials. I hope that I can do this and I know my mission will help me to testify boldly throughout life. what a blessing. 
  • " the commandments are teh schoolmasters of exaltation" God knows how we learn, we llearn by doing and acting and following the commandments is how we learn and achieve exaltation. really cool insight for me
  • savior carried his lamb, great imagery here, "pack the lamb" always remember this with others
Something that hit me after devo during district discussinon: like mom always says, we need to accept people for where they are at, everyone is at a diff stage in life and learning. Christ acccepts where we are at ALWAYS. Why would we not be expected to do the same. We need to love and build and uplift no matter where someone is at. It is our duty to follow Christ's example and he never turns us away or doesn't forgive us bc we aren't smart enough or humble enough. we can always count on him. be that person for soemone else. I am trying to do that. 

Mint brownies at west campus! think of you each time mom, so delicicous. also ran in pouring rain last pday to eat at great harvest. so wroth it!!!!!! 

Arm wrestled elder osgood and beat him. oh yeahhhhh all the elders in my distrcit were pretty much freaking out LOL,. Made me feel inlcuded and respected hahaha 

LES AMO Mucho. until next week familia. you rock. tahnks for your examples and please keep up the "dear elder" letters. They are much appreaciated. 

Hermana Myers

Saturday, September 27, 2014

September 27, 2014

HOLA to all!

WOW this week went by so fast. Seriously, it feels like I was just writing you. It's scary thinking I am half way done with MTC already but exciting too. Not going to lie it is comforting to know that time is going by so fast, not because i am not enjoying it, is just means I am busy and don't have to worry about the days and weeks and months ahead as much. 

Elder Ballard came to devo this Tues! We are super lucky to have gotten two apostles in a row! Awesome. Sang in the choir again for devotional, Joseph Smith's first prayer. it was really pretty, even though you couldn't prob hear my voice if everyone stoppeed signing... .haha oops. But I am working on at least looking better when I sing hahaha. He talked about his mission and what he wished he would have known before leaving and it was so great!!!! some of my fave quotes:

"decide to live in a way that allows you to be in a position to always be able to tdo what the Lord needs you to do and be able to say like CHrist, Here am I, send me" 
  • Learn how to relate to people, for your mission and for life
  • Life is a process of setting goals- really every day, think of a mission for life not just 18 months
  • Decide before you leave each morning what your objectives are that day, know what youre after!
  • Every human soul is precious
  • The atonement is a great umbrella of love
  • Once you know the doctrine you wont ever not want to express yourself or your purpose, talk to everyone, YOU matter in their conversion. 
  • "Get up, even when it is hard, get up and do the best you can every single day and let the power of heaven fall upon you" -- loved this one at the end!
  • The atonement can make anything right in this world-- ( really think about that one guys) 
  • He stressed how there isnt much time left and we, this generation, needs to reach our potential for the sake of everyone and we are the ones who will carry this kingdom off. learn all you can and work until the Lord comes and says "that's enough" 
  • "Be accountable" is what I was thinking by the end, really powerful
He shared so many good things but that's all I can spend time on now ha. SOO good and up lifting. He is truly inspired. He just stood there and talked without writing things down he said and he just shared and everything he said was what someone needed to hear. 

We got newbies this week in our Zone!! 5 hermanas and 6 elders. 4 in intermediate district (2 boys 2 girls) and the rest in beginner district. So now we are back to 4 districts and a full zone. It is hard but fun trying to fill them in on the MTC ways here without overwhelming their lil heads. We don't see them a ton but every night we do and at church and meals usually. One of the intermediate Hermanas is 22 like Hermana Albach. She just finished the Masters of  Accounting program at BYU and told Cole good luck with it hahaha. But she is prob my fave. (The younger ones are a lil more reserved or, idk, just not as willing to ask questions and learn from us in a way it seems like, but they are all nice.) 3 elders are from Calgary Alberta Canada area. I couldn't remember exactly where Rochelle Bryan is from, but they are all going to SLC spanish. 

Had a great lesson with Draut last Saturday night about adjusting to mission life, stress and his (horrible) companions. No joke they were pretty much all hard and didn't want to work at all besides his trainer. Hoping that's not what I will say March of 2016! But, either way, he shared something cool that I kind of already knew, but it was good to hear again: "Don't compare yourself to others because it's natural when things are bad to think that youre doing something wrong. When you compare it is a form of pride, even when you put yourself below others."  So like you said this week mom: "Be patient with yourselves". I am working on that. I think what is actually hardest for me here is that there is so much you know that you need to learn and do but not a ton of time btw planning lessons for companions and such to really do it and when you have some time you think you should be doing something to help your investigator and you at the same time and you just don't know what to do. I have never really struggled with focusing and studying hard but it's really hard here. When you aren't teaching (4 lessons a day starting next monday) or in class with a teacher, it is so hard to not get distracted or to waste time actually just figuring out what the best use of time is. also personal time is when I am most sleepy: Ours is right after dinner so this week I was fighting to stay awake during it! Also in the temple this morning I was SO sleepy, which is sad because I heard they might be cleaning it for 2 weeks after conference this weekend so that may have been our last week for 18 months and it was the fist temple session that I could not stay awake. ahhhh dang it. 

Not sure how pday will work next sat because of conference. Maybe we will have it Friday or maybe we will only just be allowed to email for an hour btw sessions. They better at least give us that!!!! So just check those emails often folks! They havent told us anything really about conference at all. I assume we get bused up to main campus, which is kind of a drag because we will have to stay all day and not be able to do anything really -- ha, but I am excited nontheless!!!

Last Sunday we got to watch the Ogden Temple rededication. So cool. We were all sleepy (On Saturday and Sunday we actually get the least amount of sleep because of service at 6:15 Saturday and earlier schedule on Sunday) but it was still cool. Got the white hanky and all -- really neat expereince. 

Also, we got to go to Brigham's landing last Sat and had a burger and fries and stopped at great harvest. Today we are going to Jamba Juice and Great Harvest. It's so nice to have real food and be out!!!!! We will be taking the newbies today. 

Great scripture moment this week: Alma 32:33 ( I think) talks about how a seed will only produce fruit of its kind. Faith is compared to a seed, so faith will only produce more faith. Faith begets faith. So cyclical and awesome to think about each day: Act in faith and you will have more faith, assurance, action then evidence. There's a talk by Elder Bednar called "Seek Learning by Faith" READ it folks. 
Also I want to learn more Spanish because I am getting more comfotable with saying the words I know in lessons but I want to expand my vocabulary. So far it's been a lot of working around words I don't know with ones that i do. that's ok I know and how it has to start but that's a goal of mine ffor this week: Learn some more phrases that I can incoorporate in lessons. 

Also new investigator this week named Gabriel. We met him in the "garden of eden" outside. Pretty sure he is actually Catholic and just volunteers here. He is SO prepared. Loves God, prayer, Christ and has a strong testimony. We taught him about restoration and he was like "wow. ok well I believe in a limetless God so "porque no?" haha. Such a great guy and lesson and he said he will start the BOM. Hopefully he does because he is PRIME I tell ya!
Also Ariel our atheist guy is "coming to church" with us Sunday and is so much happier now and said he will be baptized if he comes to know if this is true! Wow talk about a change of heart... the gospel is true. The atonement really can bring a change of heart. Repentance is a hopeful word as it means we can change and come unto Christ. We had a great discussion as a district about that very thing last Sunday.  

I only have a few mins left. I love you all so much. I am so blessed to have you in my life and I know Heavenly Father loves you too. I know He answers prayers so just keep praying. I know that other people need to know that God loves them too. I think that is one of the most powerful messages that I hope to express, convey and help others to feel. 

Set some goals this week in your lives (I will do it too) and see how they help. Also read the scriptures and pray for the spirit of revelation; turn outward and remember that you are loved!!!!!! 

Hermana Myers